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Ear Syringing & Cryotherapy

As of 1st April 2017 the Practice has reluctantly stopped providing in house Ear Syringing and Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) as they are not funded by the NHS.

These used to be provided for free with the Partners paying all the costs. However, you will have read that NHS finances are very difficult at present so the CCG will not commission a service locally.

Ear Syringing

If you are experiencing painful ears you should book an appointment with a Clinician (a Health Care Assistant, Nurse or GP) for diagnosis. They can tell you options such as olive oil or sodium bicarbonate ear drops. A small number of people can be referred to hospital for microsuction of wax but most people requiring ear syringing will have to pay privately.

The leaflet below gives information on  self-care methods for managing build up of ear wax.

Ear Wax Patient Information Leaflet


If you have a skin lesion you should book an appointment with a GP for diagnosis. They will advise appropriate treatment options.